Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does my son or daughter need to play a sport?
    To play sports at Bridgman High School, all students must a current physical on file. A current physical is one given after April 15 of the previous year (every effort is made by the school to provide these at the end of each year for a nominal or no fee). In addition, BHS Athletics require a $45 athletic fee payable to “Bridgman Public Schools” prior to the first contest. Finally, all athletes must be academically eligible. See the link on the previous page to the BHS Athletic Code of Conduct for details on athletic eligibility. The Code of Conduct has additional information as it relates to all aspects of eligibility and the various expectations of BHS athletes.

    How do I sign my son or daughter up for a sport at Bridgman?
    Leading up to the various seasons, there are numerous school announcements regarding the procedure for signing up for the various sports. There is usually a pre-season meeting with each coach. 8th graders will be given an interest survey in the spring, which will have all their contact information. This information will be forwarded to the coach of any sport your son or daughter expresses interest in. Additional information can also be obtained from the coach for each sport. All athletes of any grade level must be signed up in FinalForms (see below).  If you have any questions regarding contact information for a specific sport, please contact the athletic office at 466-0233.

    final forms 1final forms 2

    What if my child gets hurt while playing sports?
    BHS does have an athletic trainer contracted through Lakeland Health Care. The trainer is usually available at various events and office hours twice per week. The trainer’s schedule is available on the previous page. BHS no longer carries an insurance policy for athletes, but we do make an affordable, supplemental insurance policy available for athletes. If you are interested, contact the athletic office at 466-0233 for more information.


    What else do I need to know? 
    It is essential to read the Code of Conduct for all the details regarding athletic participation.  Please contact the athletic office at 466-0233 for more information.